I hold a Doctorate degree in Metaphysics and have been studying it for the past 7 years. My qualifications regarding the discussed subjects in this weblog are as follow:

-Honorary Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics ( UK College of Holistic Sciences

-Master Degree in Ancient History ( Annamalai University, India

-Master Degree in Business Administration (NIBM)

-Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy ( Mindcare Organization, Huddersfield

-NLP Advanced Master Practitioner ( Mindcare Organization, Huddersfield, England

-Reiki Master (  Reiki Foundation , India

-Advanced Reiki Healer ( International Institute of Psychic Healing, Delhi, India

-Registered Member of Word Metaphysical Association (WMA

-Registered Holistic Practitioner ( Healers Unite Holistic, USA

-Certified Hypnotherapist for Behavioral and Health Resolutions ( California Hypnosis Institute

-Certified Regression Therapist ( California Hypnosis Institute

-Full Member of The Association of Complete Mind Therapists (ACMT

-Certified Tarot Reader and Analyst ( Vedic Institute of India

-Certified Vaastu Consultant  ( AstroShastra School of Vedic Sciences, Indore, India

-Diploma in Homeopathy ( School of Natural Health and Sciences, London

I am also a certified TOEFL and IELTS coach/teacher and sometimes take up teaching in rural areas to amuse myself.

My book on the Ancient Kingdoms of India was published in 2010 in USA and a year later in India.

For the past 14 years I have been studying holy scriptures of all faiths and have a deep interest in magical arts and mythology of all nations.

I keep my personal opinion out of my blog and my research works  since it’s irrelevant what I think. I only wish to spread the knowledge and awareness and I don’t wish to argue or discuss any matter with anyone.

No learning is achieved through arguments and if you wish to learn anything, you need to read for yourself and keep an open mind at all times.


3 پاسخ to “About Me”

  1. رامتين said

    به فارسي هم بگذار.

    • Dear friend: im very lucky to find your weblog suddenly and accidently in internet when i am searching some article about this topic.im very happy that i see some iranian who are interested to this topic and also have useful information and continue to their search and studies , so im very happy to know you and want to give me some advice because actually im nurse and live in australia and like to know more about this subjects thakyou so much .

  2. معین said

    ایمیلتون رو اینجا ندیدم. ممنون میشم با من تماس بگیرید.

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